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Christmas in the north of Italy

If you are planning to visit Italy in the Christmas season, you’d better not count on snow unless you are not going to stay in the mountains. However, even without snow the atmosphere will be full of magic. Wherever you go, you’ll see richly decorated street and shop windows, Xmas trees in the centre of each city or town (no matter how big or small it is), figures of biblical characters, generously illuminated balconies and gardens of the locals and numerous Santas climbing houses to deliver gifts to children.

Such old cities as Verona, Bologna and Como, which literally are buried in bright Christmas lights, will let you feel a unique spirit of a fairy-tale. On the main squares in the Christmas season there are always Xmas fairs where you can buy souvenirs and traditional Italian food as well as taste freshly made arancini – Sicilian deep-fried rice balls with different fillings – and other local dishes.

Besides, while waiting for Christmas to come, you can also visit one of the various exhibitions of figures of biblical characters made of different materials – from wood to ceramics. Staying in the mountains when it’s dark, you can see silhouettes of the wise men made of garlands. It’s really a picturesque scene!

This year it’s worth going to the seemingly unremarkable (except for the view of the Lake Maggiore) small town Leggiuno located in the province of Varese in the north of Italy. This winter this town has turned to a real Christmas village thanks to the local resident Lino Betti who had been collecting garlands for a long time, and all those 350 thousand lights were used to decorate streets and buildings of the town. People from all over the north of Italy are heading there to see this light performance that can be seen from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day. It will last till January 7.

Please, don’t forget to take care of your Christmas menu in advance, since almost all supermarkets and shops will be closed on December 25-26. Remember to take a delicious panettone – traditional Christmas cake. Apart from the classic panettone with raisins and candied fruits, many pastry shops offer these cakes with apples and cinnamon, pistachio cream, pears and chocolate, pine-apples, liquors and so on – you can list all possible options almost eternally.

Palazzo Events wish you eventful and unforgettable Christmas in Italy!